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Titan International Holding About us Company Philosophy

We value our clients

Owing to the continuous dialog that we maintain with our clients we are able to identify their needs and offer them solutions, which will justify their increasing expectations. Our attention is fully committed to the everyday citizen, his or her needs and wants, and our aims are consistent with adequately meeting these needs and wants. Thus, we tolerate no compromises with the quality of our services.

Exceptional quality you can really feel

The number of our clients wouldn’t grow as fast if it weren’t for our exceptional services, thanks to which we manage to expand our scope of work with every year. Despite our insignificant marketing budget the company is among the best known in the country and is preferred partner of more and more SMEs as well big manufacturers.

Our Employees

We wouldn’t get this far without the help of the incredible team employed in Titan International Holding. Over 4050 people around the country and beyond are doing their best to clean, transport and utilize various types of waste, generated daily in the modern world we live in. To preserve this success, we highly value and constantly invest in our employees being proud that despite the deep economic crisis we managed to keep our most valuable talents.


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